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Fourteenth Annual SQuInT Workshop

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Start Date: Feb 16, 2012 - 04:00pm
End Date: Feb 19, 2012 - 12:45pm

Host: University of New Mexico Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC)

Location: Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico

14th Annual SQuInT Workshop

Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 16-19, 2012
Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town

The 14th Annual SQuInT Workshop was locally hosted by the University of New Mexico Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC).

Invited Speakers (outside SQuInT):

  • Antoine Browaeys (Institut d'Optique)
  • Luiz Davidovich (Instituto de Física)
  • Jeremy O'Brien (University of Bristol)
  • Norbert Schuch (IQI, Caltech)
  • Robert Schoelkopf (Yale)
  • Robert Spekkens (Perimeter Institute)
  • James Thompson (JILA)
  • Stephanie Wehner (Center for Quantum Technologies, Singapore)

Thursday Program

,SESSION 1: Tomography - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
4:00pm-4:30pmSteven Flammia, University of Washington
Direct Fidelity Estimation from Few Pauli Measurements
4:30pm-5:00pmBrian Anderson, University of Arizona
Quantum Control and Quantum State Tomography in the Hyperfine Ground Manifold of Atomic Cesium
5:00pm-5:30pmSteven van Enk, University of Oregon
Information criteria for quantum state estimation and everything else
5:30pm-7:00pmEvening Break Buffet - Franciscan Room
SESSION 2: Foundations - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
7:00pm-7:45pmRobert Spekkens, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (invited)
Formulating Quantum Theory as a Causally Neutral Theory of Bayesian Inference
7:45pm-8:15pmYanbao Zhang, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder
Asymptotically optimal data analysis for rejecting local realism
8:15pm-8:45pmJibran Rashid, Institute for Quantum Information Science at the University of Calgary
Quantum Nonlocal Boxes Exhibit Stronger Distillability

Friday Program

7:30am-8:30amConference Breakfast - North and East Atriums
SESSION 3: Ion Trap QIP - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
8:30am-9:00amUlrich Warring, NIST Ion Storage Group; National Institute of Standards and Technology
Trapped-ion quantum information processing experiments at NIST*
9:00am-9:30amKenton Brown, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Trapped-Ion Physics at GTRI: Towards Large-Scale Integration and Automation
9:30am-10:00amHeather Partner, Sandia National Labs / University of New Mexico
Magnetic field gradient effects on a trapped ion frequency standard
10:00am-10:30amMorning Break - North and East Atriums
SESSION 4: Quantum Information Theory - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
10:30am-11:15amLuiz Davidovich, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (invited)
Quantum metrology with noisy systems
11:15am-11:45amWim van Dam, University of California, Santa Barbara
Mutually unbiased bases for quantum states defined over p-adic numbers
11:45am-12:15pmGilad Gour, Institute for Quantum Information Science
Local additivity of the minimum entropy output of a quantum channel
12:15pm-1:45pmLunch - Alvarado A, B & C
SESSION 5: Quantum Optics - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
1:45pm-2:30pmPete Shadbolt, University of Bristol (invited)
Integrated quantum photonics
2:30pm-3:00pmMichael Raymer, University of Oregon
Quantum Optical Pulse Shaping, Routing, and Frequency Translation by Four-Wave Mixing in Optical Fiber
3:00pm-3:30pmJian Yang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Strong Photon-photon Interaction in Cavity-Quantum Dot System
3:30pm-4:00pmAfternoon Break - North And East Atriums
SESSION 6: Quantum Many-Body Physics and QIP - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
4:00pm-4:45pmNorbert Schuch, California Institute of Technology (invited)
Matrix Product States, Projected Entangled Pair States, and the entanglement spectrum of two-dimensional quantum systems
4:45pm-5:15pmRolando Somma, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Spectral Gap Amplification
SESSION 7: Poster Session - Atrium
5:15pm-7:15pmPoster Abstracts - East Atrium

Saturday Program

SESSION 8: Superconductors, Resonators, and Optomechanics - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
7:30am-8:30amConference Breakfast - North and East Atriums
8:30am-9:15amRobert Schoelkopf, Yale University (invited)
Entanglement and Quantum Algorithms with Superconducting Circuits
9:15am-9:45amFrederick Strauch, Williams College
Entangled State Synthesis for Superconducting Resonator Qudits
9:45am-10:15amLin Tian, University of California, Merced
Transient and Adiabatic Quantum State Transfer in Optomechanical Systems
10:15am-10:45amMorning Break - North and East Atriums
10:45am-11:30amStephanie Wehner, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore (invited)
Quantum to Classical Randomness Extractors
SESSION 9: Quantum Measurement - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
11:30am-12:00pmAdam Meier, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Randomized Benchmarking of Multiple Qubits
12:00pm-12:30pmAlexandre Tacla, University of New Mexico
Entanglement-based perturbation theory for highly anisotropic Bose-Einstein condensates
12:30pm-2:00pmLunch - Alvarado A, B & C
SESSION 10: Neutral Atom QIP - Alvarado "D"
Session Chair:
2:00pm-2:45pmAntoine Browaeys, Institut Optique, CNRS (invited)
Entanglement of two atoms using the Rydberg Blockade
2:45pm-3:15pmL. Paul Parazzoli, Sandia National Laboratories
Adiabatic Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms
3:15pm-3:45pmJae Hoon Lee, University of Arizona
Sub-wavelength Resonance Imaging and Robust Addressing of Atoms in an Optical Lattice
3:45pm-4:15pmAfternoon Break - North and East Atriums
SESSION 11a: Breakout A - Quantum Control and Measurement - Alvarado "A"
Session Chair:
4:15pm-4:45pmConstantin Brif, Sandia National Laboratories
Improving robustness of quantum gates to control noise
4:45pm-5:15pmThaddeus Ladd, HRL Laboratories, LLC
Coherent Control of Si-based Qubits
5:15pm-5:45pmRobert Cook, Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) and Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of New Mexico
Single shot quantum state estimation via continuous measurement in a strong back-action regime
5:45pm-6:15pmOlivier Landon-Cardinal, Université de Sherbrooke
Learning in a variational class of states : efficient tomography method for Matrix Product and Multi Scale Entangled states
SESSION 11b: Breakout B - Quantum Information Theory - Alvarado "B"
Session Chair:
4:15pm-4:45pmIman Marvian, Perimeter Institute, Institute for quantum computing
Information-theoretic approach to the study of symmetric dynamics
4:45pm-5:15pmOrest Bucicovschi, University of California San Diego
The achievable values for pairwise concurrences of three qubits
5:15pm-5:45pmVlad Gheorghiu, Institute for Quantum Information Sciences and Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
Optimal hybrid quantum secret sharing schemes via stabilizer codes and twirling of symplectic structures
5:45pm-6:15pmKamil Bradler, School of Computer Science, McGill University
Crossing Tsirelsons bound with supersymmetric non-local states
SESSION 11c: Breakout C - Decoherence, Entanglement and Error Correction - Alvarado "C"
Session Chair:
4:15pm-4:45pmZhang Jiang, University of New Mexico
Conditions imposing physical ancillary states in Stinespring dilations
4:45pm-5:15pmPeter Rose, Carleton College
Decoherence Leads to Non-monotonicity in the "Quantumness" of Fock States
5:15pm-5:45pmChris Cesare, Center for Quantum Information and Control, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of New Mexico
Relationships Between Defect Encodings for Topological Codes
5:45pm-6:15pmGerardo Paz-Silva, University of Southern California
Open-loop methods for protection of encoded information
7:00pm-9:00pmConference Banquet - Alvarado "D"

Sunday Program

7:30am-8:30amConference Breakfast - Franciscan Room
SESSION 12: Atom-Light Interface - Franciscan Room
Session Chair:
8:30am-9:15amJames Thompson, JILA (invited)
Ensemble Cavity QED & Precision Metrology
9:15am-9:45amMorgan Mitchell, ICFO - Institute of Photonic Sciences
Quantum Technologies for Light-Matter Interaction
9:45am-10:15amLeigh Norris, University of New Mexico
Enhanced Spin Squeezing Through Quantum Control of Qudits
10:15am-10:45amMorning Break - Franciscan Room
SESSION 13: Quantum Computation and Error Correction - Franciscan Room
Session Chair:
10:45am-11:15amSergio Boixo, Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California
Progress on theoretical studies and practical applications of quantum annealing and D-Wave One
11:15am-11:45amNathan Wiebe, Institute for Quantum Computing
Improved Error-Scaling for Adiabatic Quantum Evolutions
11:45am-12:15pmJonas Anderson, University of New Mexico
Homological Stabilizer Codes
12:15pm-12:45pmMatteo Mariantoni, Department of Physics and California NanoSystems Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Photon Shell Game and the Quantum von Neumann Architecture with Superconducting Circuits