2011 Satellite Workshop on Ion Trap Technology

February 16-17, 2011
(Immediately preceding the SQuInT 2011 meeting)

The capabilities of trapped ions have provided a broad basis for experimental realization of quantum information processing and quantum simulation. Current experiments incorporate cutting-edge technologies in laser systems, optical components, conventional and microfabricated ion traps, and classical control. Leveraging the experimental progress towards larger, more complex experiments will require an even higher level of sophistication in all these technologies.

The Workshop on Ion Trap Technology will bring together experts on trapped-ion physics, laser optics, MEMS technology, packaging, and microsystems integration, to review current developments and explore future directions. The focus will be on ion traps and related technology but will keep in mind the goals of advanced quantum processing and simulation. Balanced oral presentations about the current state of the art and future directions, coupled with poster presentations that will be on display for the duration, should help promote useful discussions and help establish future research directions.


  • NIST
  • ARO
  • NSA


  • D.J. Wineland (NIST)
  • D. Leibfried (NIST)

Program committee

  • Matthew Blain (Sandia)
  • Jungsang Kim (Duke)
  • Dietrich Leibfried (NIST)
  • Christopher Monroe (Maryland)
  • Richart Slusher (GeorgiaTech GTRI)
  • David Wineland (NIST)