Sixth Annual SQuInT Workshop

Sixth Annual SQuInT Workshop

Start Date: Feb 20, 2004 - 07:30 am
End Date: Feb 22, 2004 - 01:00 pm

Host: University of California San Diego and University of New Mexico Center for Advanced Studies

Location: Price Center, University of California, San Diego Campus, San Diego, California

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Invited Speakers

  • Daniel Gottesman, University of Waterloo
  • Gerard Milburn, University of Queensland
  • Keith Schwab, University of Maryland


Thursday, Feb. 19

Arrival at airport
Use courtesy phone in baggage claim to call Radisson Hotel La Jolla to send the complimentary shuttle

9 - 10 pm: "Early" Registration at Radisson Hotel La Jolla

Friday, Feb. 20

7:30 – 8:15 am: Bus from Radisson to Price Center, UCSD.

PLACE: Price Center Theater

8:00 – 8:45 am: Continental breakfast in Theater lobby. Also Registration.
8:45 – 9:00 am: Welcome by John Goodkind

Session 1 Quantum Information – Theory and Experiment,presided by David Wineland

9:00 – 9:30 am: Carlton M. Caves (UNM) Continuous-variable teleportation, local realism, and sub-Planck structure

9:30 – 10:00 am: Ben Toner (Cal Tech) Entanglement and cooperative games with incomplete information

10:00 – 10:30 am: Tobias Schaetz (NIST-B) Trapped-ion quantum information processingexperiments at NIST

10:30 – 11:00 am: Morning break

Session 2 Nanomechanical systems, presided by Marilyn Hawley (LANL)

11:00 – 11:45 am: Invited talk, Keith Schwab (Maryland) Approach to the Quantum Limit of Mechanical System: Success!

11:45 am – 12:15 pm: Tanmoy Bhattacharya (LANL) Active feedback cooling in cavity QED and nanomechanics

12:15 – 1:30 pm Lunch on your own. Price Center Food Court suggested

Session 3 Spins across disciplines, presided by Daniel James (LANL)

1:30 – 2:00 pm: Poul Jessen (UAriz) Faraday Spectroscopy: A Quantum Probe for Ultracold Spin Ensembles

2:00 – 2:30 pm: Thaddeus Ladd (Stanford) Experiments Towards Quantum Computing with Bulk Semiconductor Nuclei

2:30 – 3:00 pm: J M Geremia (Cal Tech) Deterministic generation of spin-squeezing in a cold atom ensemble

3:00 – 3:30 pm: Renbao Liu (UCSD) Fiber-microcavity-nanodot structure as a controlled photon gate

Session 4 Posters

3:30 – 7:00 pm: Poster viewing in Theater lobby. Soda, coffee, tea and nibbles provided.

7:00 - 7:15 pm: Bus from Price Center to Radisson.

Saturday, Feb. 21

7:30 – 8:15 am: Bus from Radisson to Peterson Hall.

PLACE: Peterson Hall, Marshall College

8:00 – 9:00 am: Continental breakfast in lobby

Session 5 Experiments in Quantum Computation, presided by Jonathan P Dowling (JPL)

9:00 – 10:00 am: Special Tutorial Talk: Gerard Milburn (Queensland) Three paths to quantum computing

10:00 – 10:30 am: Pierre Echternach (JPL) Coherent Oscillations in a Single Cooper Pair Box with RF-SET readout

10:30 – 11:00 am: Kulvinder S Gill (UCSB) Quantum Computing via Single Charges in Self-Assembled Coupled Quantum Dots: Independent Loading and Tuning

11:00 – 11:30 am: Morning break

Session 6 Entanglement, presided by Mark Coffey (Colorado)

11:30 – 12:00 pm: Paul M Alsing (UNM) Teleportation in a non-inertial frame

12:00 – 12:30 pm: Trace Tessier (UNM) Complementarity in Two-Qubit Systems

12:30 – 1:30 pm: Lunch, sandwiches provided

Session 7 Quantum Computation, presided by Dave Bacon (Cal Tech)

1:30 – 2:00 pm: Howard Barnum (LANL) Semidefinite programming formulation of quantum query complexity and physics simulations

2:00 – 2:30 pm: Robert Raussendorf (Cal Tech) Quantum computation, algorithms and graph states

2:30 – 3:00 pm: Colin P. Williams (JPL) Compact Quantum Circuits for Arbitrary 3-Qubit Operations

3:00 – 3:30 pm: Afternoon break

Session 8 Universal Computation and Cryptography, presided by Andrew Scott (UNM)

3:30 – 4:00 pm Jennifer L. Dodd (Queensland) Fungible dynamics: there are only two types of entangling multiple-qubit interactions

4:00 – 4:30 pm: Sergey Bravyi (Cal Tech) Universal Quantum Computation Based on a Magic States Distillation4:30 – 5:00 pm: Joe Renes (UNM) Spherical Codes in Quantum Cryptography

5:15 – 5:30 pm: Bus from Peterson Hall to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, UCSD

5:30 – 6:00 pm: Sunset over Scripps and Aquarium visit

6:30 – 9:00 pm: Banquet

9:00 - 9:15 pm: Bus to Radisson Hotel La Jolla

Sunday, Feb. 22

7:30 – 8:15 am: Bus from Radisson to Peterson Hall.

PLACE: Peterson's Hall, Marshall College

8:00 – 9:00 am Continental breakfast in lobby

Session 9 Fault Tolerance, presided by Ivan Deutsch (UNM)

9:00 – 9:45 am: Invited talk, Daniel Gottesman (Perimeter Inst.) Beyond the DiVincenzo Criteria: Requirements and Desiderata for Fault Tolerance

9:45 – 10:15 am: Jim Harrington (Cal Tech) Encoding a qudit into many oscillators

10:15 – 10:45 am: Morning break

Session 10 Quantum Circuits, presided by Hideo Mabuchi (Cal Tech)

10:45 – 11:15 am: Aram Harrow (MIT) Efficient quantum circuits for basis changes

11:15 – 11:45 am: Todd Brun (USC) Polynomial functions of quantum states

11:45 – 12:15 pm: Michael J. Simon (Lockheed) Simulating Quantum Computing: Quantum eXpress

12:15 – 12:20 pm: John Goodkind, Close of meeting

12:30 - 1:00 pm: Bus from Peterson Hall to Radisson.

SQuInT 2004 Poster Submissions

Anura AbeyesingheCalifornia Institute of TechnologyGeneralized remote state preparation: Trading cbits, qubits and ebits in quantum communication
Travis BealsUniversity of California, BerkeleyEffects of Decoherence on Algorithmic Cooling
Gavin BrennenNational Institute of Standards and Technology, GaithersburgCoherent control and inelastic losses in ultracold atomic collisions in an optical lattice
Gavin BrennenNational Institute of Standards and Technology, GaithersburgScalable quantum computer initialization in systems with Bose-Hubbard dynamics
Geoffrey W BrownLos Alamos National LaboratoryScanning tunneling microscopy examination of charged defects in thin silicon epitaxial layers
Souma ChaudhuryUniversity of ArizonaFaraday Measurements and Nonlinear Dynamics of Atomic Spin Ensembles
John ChiaveriniNational Institute of Standards and Technology, BoulderMicrofabricated Ion Traps for Quantum Information Studies
Mark W. CoffeyColorado School of MinesAsymptotic relation for the quantum entropy of momentum in energy eigenstates
Jonathan P. DowlingJet Propulsion LaboratoryLinear Optical Quantum Memories and Repeaters or Effective Photon Nonlinearities by Conditional Linear-Optical measurements
Sophia EconomouUniversity of California, San DiegoSpin Coherence Generated by Spontaneous Emission in Quantum Dots
Holger GrubeLos Alamos National LaboratoryEpitaxial Silicon Growth for the Fabrication of a Solid-State Quantum Computer
Marilyn E HawleyLos Alamos National LaboratoryDemonstrating Quantum Entanglement Between P Qubit in the Solid-State
Daniel JamesLos Alamos National LaboratoryExperimental Quantum Process Tomography
Raisa KarasikUniversity of California, BerkeleyOptical Quantum Control of an Electron Spin in a Quantum dot
Howard LandmanFort Collins, COUsing entanglement to suppress interference (quantum photolithography)
Dietrich LeibfriedNational Institute of Standards and Technology, BoulderThree-Particle GHZ State Spectroscopy and Distribution of Entanglement in a Multizone Ion Trap
Sabrina LeslieUniversity of California, BerkeleyTransmission Spectrum of an Optical Cavity Containing N Atoms
Benjamin LevCalifornia Institute of TechnologyMagnetic Microtraps for Cavity QED, BECs, and Atom Optics
Jason McKeeverCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDeterministic Generation of Single Photons from One Atom Trapped in a Cavity
Simon MyrgrenUniversity of California, BerkeleyComputation on an Optical Lattice with a Large Lattice Constant
Sergey PolyakovCalifornia Institute of TechnologyConditional Anti-Bunching of Photons Generated in a Cold Atomic Ensemble
Worawarong RakreungdetUniversity of ArizonaInitializing and Manipulating Atomic Qubits in a 3D Optical Lattice
Deepak Sethu RaoUniversity of California, Los AngelesPhotoelectron Trapping in engineered quantum dots for quantum repetition
Tobias SchaetzNational Institute of Standards and Technology, BoulderDemonstrations of super-dense coding and quantum-logic enhanced detection using trapped ions
Andrew ScottUniversity of New MexicoMultipartite entanglement and quantum-error-correcting codes
Neil ShenviUniversity of California, BerkeleyElectron Spin Decoherence Through Nuclear Induced Spectral Diffusion
Andrew SilberfarbUniversity of New MexicoEntanglement generated between a single atom and a laser pulse
Brian J SmithUniversity of OregonPhoton transverse wavefunction and its measurement
Graeme SmithCalifornia Institute of TechnologyEfficient Multiparty Quantum Data Hiding
Rene StockUniversity of New MexicoTrap Induced Resonances in Controlled Atomic Collisions
John StocktonCalifornia Institute of TechnologyApplications of Continuous QND Measurement and Feedback with Atomic Spin Ensembles

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